‘This is how we fulfil what we promised’ – PM on budget

Last Updated on Sunday, 23 October, 2022 at 4:56 pm by Andre Camilleri

The budget is ‘how we fulfil what we promised’, Prime Minister Robert Abela said whilst delivering a speech in Naxxar.

In explaining how the last months were instrumental for the Government to plan and carry out its objectives, he said that in the budget “you will see how we will continue to lead our country in the direction it deserves.””

“Because with us (the PL Government) you know where you stand. We will present a budget without new taxes. Yes, in the face of challenges we will not go for austerity.”

The Prime Minister said that while others promise everything to everyone without thinking, this Government plans responsibly and only promises what can be fulfilled.

Robert Abela mentioned how in the last year, 324 measures from the last budget were implemented, and that there are further reforms planned for the country to improve people’s lives.

“We have increased pensions and the disability allowance. We reduced taxes on overtime and part-time work. We have extended equity sharing to help more people become home owners. For those who buy in the Urban Conservation Area, they have saved on taxes.”

He said that the labour government has continued to address injustices of the past, “that in 25 years of a Nationalist Government have not been resolved.”

Abela said how a labour government has reissued the tax refund check and with it an additional cost of living check, strengthened the stipends, added the medicines to the government formulary and introduced free public transport for everyone.

Such measures have left more money in the pockets of Gozitan and Maltese families.

“We have invested in the dignity of our families.”

The Prime Minister also explained that meetings held by the European Leaders over the last few days in Brussels, were crucial for Europe not to remain silent when facing pressure in the energy sector.

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