Ticket prices for Gozo fast ferry services ‘still being finalised’

Last Updated on Friday, 23 April, 2021 at 1:05 pm by Andre Camilleri

The ticket prices for the Gozo fast ferry services, set to launch in June, are still being finalised, the Malta Business Weekly can confirm.

So far two companies have confirmed that they will be operating fast ferry services between Malta and Gozo, these are Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd and Virtu Ferries.

This newsroom asked Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd if they could disclose the price for passengers, both for those in possession of a Tal Linja card and those not in possession of a Tal Linja card. The spokesperson was also asked if different fares will be available for different passengers, such as students, the elderly and children.

In response, the spokesperson said that the prices “are still being finalised” and thus they cannot supply an answer to this newsroom’s questions at this moment.

Virtu Ferries, who notified Transport Malta of its intention to offer the service after the market was liberalised, was also contacted by this newsroom and was asked the same questions.

Echoing the spokesperson for Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd., the representative from Virtu Ferries said that the prices are still being decided and are in the planning stage.

The fast ferry operated by Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd will be operating between Mgarr in Gozo and Valletta. Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd said it is collaborating with Malta Public Transport to ensure users — including those who hold a Tallinja Card — are offered a value-added, seamless, interoperable and fast journey to customers.

Passengers will also be able to pay for their trip using contactless bank cards, mobile phones and smart watches to ensure quick boarding and alighting. “Two modern, environmentally friendly, high-speed passenger catamarans will be used to transport passengers between Gozo and Valletta,” Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd. previously said. “Each catamaran can comfortably carry 300 passengers per trip and will complete the journey from Valletta to Gozo in less than 45 minutes.”

Virtu Ferries, which has been operating a Malta-Sicily service for more than 30 years, applied for a license in March and will also be offering a new passenger ferry service this June. The trip should last no more than 45 minutes and will only be available for passengers, according to Transport Malta regulations.

The company had said in March that it would initially be operating the service with a ferry from its existing fleet, and will later have a boat specifically built for the Mgarr-Valletta service. 

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