Towards the launch of a new online platform for the Malta Business Registry

Last Updated on Thursday, 31 August, 2023 at 3:10 pm by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Business Registry (MBR) is launching a new online platform. To ensure a smooth transition from the current system to the new one, the new platform is available as from today 31st August 2023 and will include a facility to register corporate accounts and an application for a qualified digital signature.

In the Corporate Accounts feature, companies need to delegate an administrator who will create a corporate account and manage the company’s users that are linked to the latter top-up account. There is different user access which can be assigned to members of the group. Kindly note that users can have a personal top-up account and be linked to a corporate group account. Key benefit of the corporate group account is to utilise name reservations within the same group for new company incorporations. In the Qualified Digital Signature, users can apply for a qualified digital signature.  This can be used for the submission of documents through the online platform and is valid for 3 years and can be used for personal use.

Corporate Service Providers (CSPs) and the general public are encouraged to set up their account on the new platform and utilise the above services by Sunday 15th October 2023 which can be accessed on One must point out that the current online platform i.e. will still be available. Moreover, the MBR is also encouraging CSPs and the general public to submit by Sunday 17th September 2023 any documents that were sent back for correction by MBR staff.

The online filing of company registrations and statutory forms, as well as name reservations, payment of penalties and ordering of certificates will not be available as from Wednesday 1st November 2023. CSPs and the general public will still be able to file documents in paper-format or by signing documents electronically and sending them to  Moreover, company search, document downloads and beneficial owners information will only be available for purchase by credit card as from Wednesday 1st November 2023.

“This step reflects Malta Business Registry’s commitment to assist better businesses particularly in taking that leap forward in embracing further digitalisation in their operations. The new online platform will provide features aimed at easing processing for companies and corporate services providers. As a Government, we reiterate our commitment to enhance the ecosystem for our business community with an open mindset of adapting to the digital scenario”, said Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Lands Silvio Schembri. The Chief Executive Officer and Registrar Dr Geraldine Spiteri Lucas advises the general public and CSPs to follow MBR’s website, social media or subscribe to MBR’s newsletter for more updates regarding the new platform. “Our aim is to ensure a coherent transition. Saying so, we are committed to assist companies and CSPs and provide the necessary information and assistance as part of our commitment to move towards a paperless entity. We look forward to providing you with an upgraded system with a better seamless experience. I thank in advance every stakeholder representative which played a key role in spreading across our message and during the testing phase”, said Dr Spiteri Lucas.

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