Uniting for sustainability in remote gaming

Jake Vella (KPMG), Evandro Martos Da Silva (Rootz), Mia Nordlander (Kambi Group), Rachel Decelis (KPMG), Sara Marston (KPMG), Federico Quaratesi (KPMG), Gemma Edward (GiG), Russell Mifsud (KPMG), Anastasios Dagkos (Aristocrat), Vanessa Arenram (Play‘n GO) and Jonna Danlund (Betsson Group)

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The ESG agenda is becoming central to business philosophy, not least in the remote gaming industry. ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, is a framework used to assess a company’s sustainability across these three key pillars and has the potential to unlock substantial business value. Today, key stakeholders, including investors, employees, consumers and regulators, expect remote gaming companies to transform their operations towards sustainability. Many operators are already making significant progress in addressing ESG-related issues. To support this goal, the Malta Gaming Authority recently established the ESG Code of Good Practice to help guide and standardise ESG reporting by remote gaming companies.

To further highlight the industry’s achievements in ESG and inform future initiatives while ensuring stakeholder expectations are met, KPMG Malta’s Gaming and ESG teams have partnered with sustainability leaders from some of the world’s major remote gaming operators and suppliers to establish the ESG in Gaming Roundtable. The roundtable, a world-first for the industry, provides a safe space for transparent industry collaboration and co-creation, with the leaders considered to be “founding members” alongside KPMG.

Sara Marston and Federico Quaratesi, ESG advisors at KPMG Malta, delivering the second presentation focused on the fundamentals of carbon accounting

A recent gathering for the Roundtable was held at KPMG Malta’s offices, aiming to strengthen relationships between some of the founding members (pictured), share best practices and address existing challenges. The event commenced with an informal keynote speech by Rachel Decelis, ESG lead at KPMG Malta, setting the tone for the session. Two presentations and discussions followed, each addressing critical aspects of ESG implementation.

The first presentation, delivered by Kia Klavenes, head of ESG Strategy and Transformation at KPMG Nordics, addressed the most pressing challenges and misconceptions surrounding ESG strategy implementation. The second presentation focused on the fundamentals of carbon accounting, outlining methods for accurately calculating and reporting greenhouse gas emissions and setting decarbonisation targets. Two sustainability leaders in gaming also shared their journey in this regard. These presentations facilitated dynamic discussions on vital ESG issues among attendees.

Going forward, the collective ambition for the ESG in Gaming Roundtable is to serve as an inspiration for sustainability in an ever-growing gaming industry and to support sustainability leaders within the gaming space to achieve their ESG objectives.

“As we stand at the forefront of the online gambling industry, we find ourselves at a pivotal crossroad. The choices we make today will not only define the future of our businesses but will also determine the sustainability of the industry at large,” said Russell Mifsud, director and Gaming Lead at KPMG Malta. “I believe we have a unique opportunity, and a profound responsibility, to lead with purpose, to innovate with integrity and to operate with transparency”.

For further information, kindly contact Russell Mifsud – director, Gaming Lead on russellmifsud@kpmg.com.mt or Rachel Decelis – Associate director, ESG lead on racheldecelis@kpmg.com.mt.

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