Unlocking the Mentors Malta Edition to ‘hit stalls’ by October

The project runs with the tagline “Connecting today’s doers with tomorrow’s achievers”.

Following the publication of Unlocking the Mentors (UTM) in Qatar in May, creators of the book will publish the Maltese Edition by end-summer, aiming to inspire the younger generations through the success stories of today’s native leaders, masterminds and trend-setters, Claire Vuylsteke, Content & Event Manager of UTM, tells Business Malta.

UTM conducts around 50 face-to-face interviews with what they tag as “VIP personalities” in Malta, compile them together with inspiring narratives and give away the books free of charge — thanks to the invaluable support of their partners and donors — to universities, business schools, social and community development foundations, think tanks, libraries, governmental offices, selected private institutions, just to mention a few.

“The Unlocking the Mentors books are meant to be touched, passed on from one hand to another, read alone or in working groups, quoted in college classes, utilised in executive meetings and roundtables, introduced at all levels of the public sphere, and so on,” Ms Vuylsteke says.

‘Winning-ticket’ for ‘wandering minds’

“However, at UTM we go beyond, as we believe our publications should be the ultimate winning-ticket for those wandering young minds who are seeking direct/indirect talks and mentorship from their much admired countrymen and women,” she adds.

UTM decided to publish the Malta edition, as the island nation is one of the countries that sports the highest employment rates in the European Union and has a genuine vision of translating the current prosperous economic situation into real future opportunities for the Maltese students and younger generations, according to the editors. The Malta edition is being produced in parallel to other projects, both in Europe and the Middle East.

Organisers are planning the book premiere to be a one-of-a-kind inspirational event organised around September-October 2019 at the Valletta campus of the University of Malta in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Employment and the patronage of minister Evarist Bartolo. At the event, UTM Malta mentors will highlight their achievements and network with students from all over the country.

More information about the initiative can be found on the official website of Unlocking the Mentors.

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