VacancyCentre rebrands to retain focus in a changing labour market

VacancyCentre general manager Robert J. Sultana

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 December, 2020 at 12:11 pm by Andre Camilleri

VacancyCentre – VC has rebranded, now focusing on Finance, Compliance and Technology. As the labour market is reshaped, VC is also strengthening its consultative approach. We asked GM, Robert J. Sultana, to provide some insight on the current market and how this impacted the business.

How did the current labour market sentiment impact your rebranding?
The labour market has been struggling to fill roles that require certain technical talent. This is amplified by recruiters offering generic services – they don’t focus. At VC we recognized this industry wide issue and took action. By fine tuning our activities and resources around Finance, Compliance and Technology, we committed ourselves to a laser-sharp focus.

What does your consultative approach look like in practice?
Recruiters sometimes are seen as salespeople, which implies they prioritize revenue. Recruitment agencies who employ inexperienced people and fail to train them appropriately give the industry a bad name. VC is the total opposite. We focus on consulting with both our clients and candidates. We engage experienced and well-trained recruiters to ensure they properly advise our clients, and jobseekers. We adhere to specific Key Performance Indicators to ensure tighter quality controls. We have developed associations with specialized providers to offer technical tests and quality benchmarks to further verify our recommendations. Above all, we devote special consideration to instill an enriching customer experience throughout.

Why your services are discipline-oriented?
We understand, specialism is the way forward and it is what our clients expect from us. We confidently believe, by servicing specific talent pools within defined disciplines we can be more effective to recommend talent, as opposed to handling too many varied disciplines across a whole industry.

What tailor-made solutions do you offer?
There can be a lot more to a recruitment company than just filling vacancies. One area where VC can offer additional support is in outplacement services. This is where we help companies who need to reduce headcount to assist their redundant employees to equip them with the right tools & knowledge to land their next employment. We also offer professional HR and employment advisory to help companies navigate through HR-related challenges.

How has Covid-19 impacted the market?
The pandemic reshaped the recruitment industry. Even before Covid-19, remote interviews had been on the rise. The pandemic accelerated this trend, which required high levels of expertise, something our recruiters are fully equipped to handle.

What do you expect from the upcoming years?
Looking forward, businesses will continue to become leaner. Questions like: Do we need an office? Can we curtail certain overheads? Is our organizational culture attuned to changes in the industry? I think these will be the most pressing issues facing businesses in the coming years, issues which will of course also impact recruitment.

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