Valletta nominated as finalist for the prestigious Cruceroadicto 2023 International Awards

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 November, 2023 at 1:35 pm by Andre Camilleri

Valletta has secured its place as one of the 451 nominated ports for the second edition of the prestigious Cruceroadicto 2023 International Awards. These awards represent the Spanish-speaking cruiser community’s opportunity to recognize and celebrate their preferred cruise line, ship, and port of the year.

The voting process aimed at the travel community commenced on 2October and garnered an exceptional initial response. This exciting phase of public voting will remain open until the first weeks of 2024.

Come January, the top three finalists in each category will be revealed, culminating on Thursday 25 January when the winners are officially announced during a proclamation ceremony at FITUR Madrid.

Building upon the transparency and integrity of the inaugural edition, the Cruceroadicto 2023 International Awards continue to uphold their commitment to ensuring the true voice of travellers. The voting and counting process remains subject to external audit and oversight by the esteemed consulting firm We-in, guaranteeing the authenticity of the awards.

Candidates are encouraged to actively promote their candidacy through their social networks, communication channels, and even within the port facilities themselves.

Malta Tourism Authority CEO Carlo Micallef said: “It is indeed an honour that the historic port of Valletta has been recognized as a finalist in these prestigious awards. The beauty of Malta’s Grand Harbour is very well known in the cruise industry and ship captains often advise and recommend that passengers go out on deck and admire the spectacular scenery when the cruise is entering Malta. We look forward to see the outcome of the Spanish vote”.

“The natural glamour of the Grand Harbour makes it one of the most eye-catching ports in the Mediterranean. This valuable asset for our country continues to cement Malta’s excelling prospects in the cruiselining world. We are optimistic that it will continue to serve as a perfect backdrop for all those who visit Malta in the months and years to come,” outlined Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo.

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