What you need to know to play legally in online casinos in Malta

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What you need to know to play legally in online casinos in Malta

Currently, the most popular market in Malta is the online gaming market. A recent survey found that it hosts approximately 10% of the world’s online gaming operators. This is an astounding figure, considering it is such a small Island.

Thousands of people play in Malta’s online casinos each year. If online gambling is high on your to-do list on your next trip to Malta, you’ve come to the right place. This article will talk you through everything you need to know about online gambling in this part of the world, including how to play legally in online casinos:

A Brief History of Online Gambling Malta

Gambling first became legal in Malta in 1922; however, it wasn’t until 2004 that online gambling became legal in this part of the world. While this might sound like a long time after, it was one of the first countries in Europe to legalize and regulate online gambling. As a result, some of the largest online casino operators applied for a licence here, with many remaining in operation ever since. Statistics show that in the early 2000s, more than one-third of all online casinos were based in Malta.

Since then, things have changed slightly. The Maltese are now much more selective about which online casinos can get a licence. However, there are still lots of online casinos for players to enjoy.

What You Need to Know to Play Legally in Online Casinos in Malta

Malta has become known as one of the online gambling hubs of the world. This is thanks to the excellent reputation of the gambling licence and because of the favourable tax rate. However, there are a few things to be aware of before playing in an online casino in Malta. For example, before players can play in an online casino in Malta, they must find a casino that follows these rules:

  • Licencing – the first thing you must ensure when playing in a Maltese online casino is that the casino you are playing in is licenced. All Malta online gambling sites must have a licence from the MGA to operate legally in this part of the world.
  • Responsible gambling – another thing to be aware of when online gambling in Malta is that you must gamble responsibly. All Maltese online casinos should have measures to protect players, helping them maintain control over their gambling habits.
  • You must find a site that protects your information – Maltese online gambling sites are required to protect their players’ information.
  • You must be the right age – Another thing to be aware of in Malta is the legal gambling age. The minimum age for Maltese citizens is twenty-five; however, for non-Maltese nationals, it is eighteen. Players younger than this are not legally allowed to play here.

While Maltese law permits online gambling, players who choose to play in an unlicenced casino are choosing to do so illegally. Thankfully, finding a legal online Maltese casino is easy; visit scams.info/online-casino/malta/ to learn about the most trusted casinos in Malta.

What Types of Gambling Are Legal in Malta?

If you’re interested in Maltese online gambling and want to know what types of gambling are legal here, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of some of the forms of gambling you can enjoy in Maltese online casinos:

  • Casino games
  • Amusement games
  • Commercial tombola games
  • Gaming devices
  • Communication games
  • Sports betting
  • Lotteries, including the National Lottery
  • Non-profit games

How to Find the Best Maltese Gambling Sites

If you’ve never played in an online casino, it can be hard to tell which ones are legal and which are not. Thankfully, if you follow these tips, you won’t go far wrong:

  • Check for a licence – as mentioned above, all legal online casinos in Malta are required to have a gambling licence from the MGA. This licence ensures that the casino is authorised to operate in Malta.
  • Read reviews – another fantastic way to tell how good a casino is by reading past customer reviews.
  • Look at the banking options – before playing in an online casino you must first register an account and deposit actual money into your account. This can be a risk. So, before transferring any of your hard-earned money, look at the banking options. Some genuine payment options you should look for include credit cards, online payments, debit cards, and prepaid cards.
  • Look at the games – when searching for a casino, it’s always a good idea to look at what games they offer. After all, there’s no point in setting up an account if you can’t play your favourite games.

Malta has always had strict rules for online casinos and players, with Malta being the first European Union member state to regulate online betting. However, despite these rules, thousands of people enjoy playing in online casinos based in Malta. As long as you stick to the rules and play legally, you can have great fun.

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