13 beneficiaries awarded €200,000 for Digital Research and Development by Arts Council Malta

Last Updated on Wednesday, 7 April, 2021 at 9:22 am by Andre Camilleri

A total of €200,000 is being awarded to 13 different projects for Digital Research and Development as part of the RESTART Schemes 2021 managed by Arts Council Malta.

Addressing a press conference to outline further details about this scheme, Minister Jose Herrera explained how the role of digital technology within artistic and cultural practice is becoming an increasingly central one, with the changing cultural landscape making knowledge and application of digital tools and approaches indispensable in contemporary practice. “In particular, digital tools are now integral to the production of artistic works, as well as to nurturing collaborations, engaging audiences, developing business models and generating new knowledge across the arts,” Minister Herrera said.

“This competitive call received 28 project applications requesting a total of €420,000. These figures are proof that the creative and cultural sectors are responding to the need and relevance of the digital within the arts,” Mary Ann Cauchi, Director Funding and Strategy, Arts Council Malta, said. Ms Cauchi added that all applications were meticulously evaluated and that – similar to other occasions, when considering the number of valid projects submitted and the limitation of funds – a heavy burden is placed on the external expert evaluators. “This is a burden which the evaluation board is mindful of throughout the entire process.”

The 13 successful projects involve several artists, collaborators, participants, audiences and service providers, which means that the investment will be achieving an even wider reach of people. 

Neville Borg, Research Associate at Arts Council Malta provided an overview of the funded projects, ranging between €2,179 and €20,000 and encompassing one or more of the three main focus areas including artistic practice, audience engagement and capacity building.

A full list of awarded projects is available on artscouncil.mt. For more details about RESTART Schemes 2021 visit: https://www.artscouncilmalta.org/pages/funds-opportunities/restart-schemes-2021/restart-schemes-2021/

For support and advice, send an e-mail to fundinfo@artscouncil.mt.

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