30-day Mental Health Challenge from Atlas Insurance during October

Last Updated on Thursday, 8 October, 2020 at 12:36 pm by Andre Camilleri

For the second year running, Atlas Insurance is raising awareness on the importance of mental health. During the month of October, employees, as well as clients of the insurance firm will be involved in a number of initiatives as part of its Mental Health Awareness Month.

World Mental Health Day is being marked on 10 October and this year the importance of mental health is heightened given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the radical changes it is bringing to everyone’s lives.

Together with ICAS International, Atlas is promoting a 30-day Mental Health Challenge calendar. This is a month-long initiative to promote mental health, during which Atlas will be sharing a daily challenge throughout October with information and tips on its social media platforms on how to better take care of oneself and each other. The challenges are intended to improve mental wellness, raise awareness, and fight the stigma of mental health.

ICAS is a global international Employee Assistance Programme that provides unlimited direct access on a 24/7 to psychologists for employees and their families as well as local face to face counselling, legal and financial helplines and support for HR and line managers. Atlas Healthcare has recently introduced ICAS International in Malta.

ICAS estimates that around 300 million people across the globe suffer from depression every year and that 15% of the world’s adult population will experience depression at some point in their life. Moreover, around 260 million people around the world suffer from anxiety disorders. Only a third of people with mental health seek help from professionals, according to ICAS.

During the month of October, Atlas employees will be taking part in a number of initiatives including webinars as well as a social club activity.

A webinar for clients on “Managing Worry in Uncertain Times” will be held on 14 October 2020 and is free for Atlas corporate clients and members of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry. The interactive webinar will be run by an ICAS International Masters Level clinician and introduced by Atlas Healthcare.

“We firmly believe in the importance of mental wellbeing of our colleagues for our continued survival and that many of our clients feel the same way.   The advent of COVID-19 has brought about new challenges and realities for all of us, and this is the reason why we took the opportunity to invest so much energy in this theme,” said Catherine Calleja, Managing Director at Atlas Healthcare.

She added: “As part of our recently-signed partnership agreement with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Atlas Insurance has sponsored the formation of a newly established cross-sectoral Health and Wellness Committee. With the formation of this committee, the business community stands to benefit from a better exchange of insights and policies between various stakeholders, so as to raise the bar in terms of the importance of work-life balance and the physical and psychological wellbeing of employees and businesses.”

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