30 years of bilateral relations between Malta and Slovakia

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 June, 2023 at 10:41 am by Andre Camilleri

“Bilateral relations between Malta and Slovakia date back to 1993. We aim to continue strengthening these relations and to see how we can contribute to a stronger commercial relationship.” Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg stated this during a bilateral meeting with the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, Peter Mišík.

During this meeting, Minister Borg spoke about the need for technical and tangible discussions with the aim of increasing trade between the two countries, also in light of the single market of the European Union. He said that the possibility of commercial delegations’ exchanges should be explored for this purpose. He also stated how Malta can be a perfect destination for Slovak students to learn the English language and also remarked how Malta can be an excellent destination for Slovak tourism.

Minister Borg said that the two governments are currently working on cultural diplomacy so that in the near future, a new Cooperation Agreement on Culture will be concluded, through which collaboration between the two countries can be further improved, possibly even through twinning agreements.

During the meeting they also discussed collaboration in the European Union and current issues being discussed on the European fora, particularly the immigration pact, the situation of the Russian invasion in Ukraine and even Malta’s term on the United Nations Security Council.

From his end, the State Secretary Peter Mišík said that it is an honour for him to be in our country with the aim of further strengthening the discussions between the two countries. He reiterated how, as two countries that became partners of the European Union at the same time, it is essential that the collaboration on this forum continues to be optimal with the aim of benefitting both peoples.

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