72% of the population satisfied with the Public Service’ – Eurobarometer

President of Malta George Vella is presented with the book Public Service Reforms in a Small Island State

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The President of Malta presented with a new academic book on Public Service reforms

“72% of the Maltese people are satisfied with the Public Service, as revealed by the latest Eurobarometer survey. This is the result of several changes that have taken place since 2013, where the Public Service worked tirelessly to improve its services. The changes and reforms implemented are now documented”, said Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar during the presentation of the academic book ‘Public Service Reforms in a Small Island State: The Case of Malta’ to President of Malta George Vella. 

The publication, issued by Springer, is part of a study carried out by Maltese academics analysing the renewal that took place in the Public Service since 2013, and its impact on the service, the clients, and government employees. The analysis provides the opportunity for the Public Service to consolidate what has been done and prepare for its strengthening through a new five-year strategy. 

President George Vella expressed his appreciation for all those forming part of the Public Service. He said the book presented is one of importance and relevance, not only because of the factual material and the research it delivers to the reader, but because it also serves as a document that puts the Public Service into the country’s collective memory. 

The President stated that such research could be of great help both locally and to other countries in introducing lasting reforms. He described the public service as a model for promoting work-life balance measures to achieve a better balance between employees’ personal lives and work. 

President of Malta George Vella is presented with the book Public Service Reforms in a Small Island State

Public Service Head Mario Cutajar said that with this publication the Public Service can further consolidate on the changes that have been made. “The Public Service was courageous to look behind and search for possible improvements, but is also determined to keep looking ahead, to keep thinking and shaping its own vision,” said Mr Cutajar. 

President of Malta George Vella is presented with the book Public Service Reforms in a Small Island State

Professor Godfrey Pirotta said this publication is not only going to be of great interest to foreign academics but is also going to be an instrumental tool in Malta to gain better knowledge about the participation of the Maltese Public Service and the changes implemented in the last eight years.  

“This book found such a prestigious publisher because the studies it contains are meticulous and of the highest level. It will be quoted by a lot of academics in the fields of public administration and public governance,” said Professor Pirotta.

In his speech, Professor Pirotta gave an account of how the book is structured, with the first section focusing on the history of the Public Service, “because the history of the Public Service is the story of Malta – in every step of history there was the Public Service.” The second section has five chapters that all carefully examine the reforms that have taken place since 2013, while the third part offers a scientific analysis of their impact.

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