87% of those aged between 25 and 34 prefer online shopping

Last Updated on Wednesday, 6 March, 2024 at 1:51 pm by Andre Camilleri

In recent years, Malta has witnessed a dynamic transformation in its social media landscape, significantly influencing how people, businesses, and communities interact and engage with one another.

To this end, The Malta chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, in collaboration with misco, organised an event that explored the current social media trends in Malta, highlighting the impact on society, business, and culture. The survey results from the ‘misco Social Media Usage Trends Survey 2023/24’ were presented, providing valuable insights into the strategies, challenges, and opportunities associated with the rapid evolution of digital communication platforms.

In her opening speech, Dr Marthese Portelli, The Malta Chamber CEO, emphasised that understanding consumer behaviour and market trends is fundamental to The Malta Chamber philosophy. “The Malta Chamber’s mission is clear. We believe that digitalisation is key for business to succeed and will therefore continue fronting policy change and we will continue providing you with invaluable insights,” said Dr Portelli. She noted that amidst this digital revolution, it’s imperative to remember that technology should serve humanity, not the other way around.

Rebecca Gera, Director of Marketing and Opinion Research Unit at misco, presented the findings of the seventh survey on social media and online behaviour. “This year’s results reveal a growing acceptance of online advertising on social platforms, despite user discomfort with targeted ads. Moreover, while online shopping stabilizes, there’s a notable increase in the intensity of actions, with diverse purchases on the rise. Notably, 63% of online shoppers shop local, emphasizing the need for local enterprises to establish a digital presence,” she highlighted.

During a panel discussion, which was made up of Nick Bugeja (CEO, Ballotra), Prof. Franco Curmi (Head of the Marketing Department, University of Malta), Francesa Zammit Cutajar (Head of Marketing, P Cutajar & Co Ltd) and James Vella Clarke (PR and Corporate Communications Director, Corporate ID Group), discussed several elements including:

•             Influencer marketing, which is very popular with the younger demographics, and whether this trend will trickle down to the older generation

•             The decline in breadth of sharing on social media platforms and what brands need to explore to increase engagement

•             The discomfort surrounding targeted ads and what measures can be taken to improve transparency and trust in this realm

•             Young people exhibiting a strong preference for video content over traditional text-based media, leading to lower rates of news website access

•             Online shopping becoming ever more prevalent with 25-34 year olds, with increasing intensity across various product categories

In her closing remarks, Rachel Bondi Attard, Head of Media and Communications Strategy at The Malta Chamber, called on businesses to embrace the digital revolution. “It’s time to kick our digital game into high gear, harnessing the power of smartphones, social media, and all things digital to take your businesses to new heights. Let’s also remain mindful of the importance of education in shaping digital literacy and the integrity of information in combating the spread of fake news,” she noted.

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