A call for collective change: first national campaign on climate change launched

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 April, 2021 at 2:42 pm by Andre Camilleri

Malta is at high risk for impacts of climate change, and this requires ambitious action and collective change. This is not a simple educational campaign, but a call for a change towards more sustainable lifestyles. There is a need for tangible change towards better quality of life for everyone. 

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia, during the launch of the first national campaign on climate change: #ClimateOn. 

“Through this campaign, we need to create a more resilient society which is better prepared and capable of adapting to the irreversible conditions brought about by climate change. This is being done through various seminars, workshops, youth programmes, and public outreach,” the Minister said. 

Minister Farrugia explained that the main aim of the campaign is to inform the public and disseminate necessary information on the impacts of climate change and the role of all individuals to this end.

The campaign will encourage initiatives and projects which can provide solutions that lead to less pollution, decreased threats to public health, and a lower impact on the environment and biodiversity loss, as well as actions to strengthen the economic sector. 

In 2019, the government declared climate change as a national emergency. 

“In fact, climate change is considered to be one of the most serious global environmental crises of our time, where the world is experiencing diverse episodes of extreme weather, health risks, and economic repercussions. The government is improving its actions and increasing its ambitions to mitigate these impacts. But the government cannot do this alone: citizens, businesses, industry, and all social groups have a part to play. This campaign will provide a platform to encourage the necessary change in all sectors in order to ensure that we’re all pulling the same rope. This can happen with collective work for the transition towards clean and renewable energy, and towards better consumer choices,” Minister Farrugia said. 

The #ClimateOn campaign is a catalyst in this regard. In fact, collaborations with various sectors, including the public and private sector, industrial sector, and educational sector are ongoing. #ClimateOn will be complementing the government’s strategic plan to move towards a zero-carbon economy, mitigation measures, afforestation, open spaces and schemes for industry. 

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