Agile mindsets at APS Bank with the 7 Day Challenge

Last Updated on Wednesday, 23 March, 2022 at 1:52 pm by Andre Camilleri

As part of its ongoing transformation, APS Bank has embarked on various initiatives to foster a culture and mindset of agility amongst its employees. Since early 2021, the Training Programme is complemented by the ‘7 Day Challenge’, which provides employees with a safe space to practice their acquired skills and apply them to their daily work.

The Challenge incentivises employees to look for improvements that can be made to processes, efficiency or the customer experience, which can be implemented within 7 business days. It empowers employees to be involved ‘hands-on’ in the transformation of the Bank and to participate tangibly in “the community Bank” experience. The Bank is also rewarding employees who successfully complete the challenge financially, with a percentage of benefits the Bank will reap over the period of a year as a direct consequence of the change.

Angele de Mesquita, Head of Transformation commented, “We are very pleased with the take-up from our employees. The improvements they propose are enhancing our work and service levels and this is translating into direct benefits for our customers.”

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