Altruism and solidarity shown through the BOV Piggy Bank Campaign during L-Istrina 2022

Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 December, 2022 at 8:52 am by Andre Camilleri

The sum of €35,400 was collected through the L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign through small donations by children in all primary and secondary schools in Malta and Gozo and presented by Bank of Valletta during the live broadcast of L-Istrina. This is the third consecutive year that Bank of Valletta and the Malta Community Chest Fund used environmentally friendly cardboard piggy Banks during this campaign.

BOV CEO Kenneth Farrugia, accompanied by Chief Risk Officer Miguel Borg, and Head of CSR Department Charles Azzopardi also presented a donation of €200,000 to L-Istrina on behalf of the Bank.

Mr Farrugia applauded the altruism and solidarity shown by the Maltese public during each edition of L-Istrina. With that being said, he reminded the public that the Malta Community Chest Fund requires financial assistance throughout the whole year and encouraged them to contribute towards the MCCF’s noble mission more often. Furthermore, Mr Miguel Borg referred to the L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign, showing gratitude to all the children that donated funds to help those in need during this festive season. He recognised that the most rewarding gift one can give is that of helping others in time of need without expecting anything in return. To conclude, Mr Charles Azzopardi expressed his appreciation towards the volunteers and Malta Community Chest Fund, who make it possible to organise a successful fund-raising marathon year after year.

Since the inception of the L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign in 2004, Bank of Valletta has presented over €2.8 million to L-Istrina that include the funds collected by schoolchildren and donations by the Bank.

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