Ambjent Malta to focus on environmental projects for the community’s wellbeing

During a meeting with the newly appointed Ambjent Malta board members, Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia announced that Ambjent Malta will be focusing on putting in place holistic environmental projects for the years to come. 

“Our projects need to take a number of things in consideration. They need to focus on environmental outcomes and not simply aesthetics. We need to work to truly improve the quality of life and wellbeing of our citizens, while protecting, conserving, and improving our natural heritage”, stated Minister Farrugia, explaining that this effort is part of the ministry’s slight shift away from its regulatory role in order to focus on implementing projects with long-lasting benefits. 

The board will mainly focus on the following elements:

  • Natura2000 sites
  • Marine Conservation Areas
  • Nature Parks
  • Afforestation 
  • Special Environmental Projects 

The minister explained that this direction ties in with the National Strategy for the Environment for 2050 which was launched by ERA for public consultation. “Away from electoral cycles, the economy, social wellbeing, and the environment will be placed on the same level in every decision that is taken – sustainably, and with a long-term vision”, the minister went on to say.

The board is made up of the Executive Chairman Conrad Borg Manchè, Board Secretary Clive Azzopardi, and members Nigel Attard, Claire Bonello, Christine Cassar, Steve Compagno, Claude Ebejer, Noel Farrugia, Christian Sammut, and Joseph Sammut, ex-officio member as Director General Herman Galea, and substitute member for Environment VOs Elyse Tonna.

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