More than 110 families benefit from an investment of €700,000 for the regeneration of 10 social housing blocks in Żabbar

By the end of 2020, more than 500 families will benefit from an investment of €2.6 million for the regeneration of 46 blocks of social housing

Maintenance works at Żabbar’s housing estate were completed with an investment of €700,000 which resulted in the improvement of facades, maintenance of the roofs and works in the common parts of 10 blocks. This project will improve the quality of life of more than 110 families living in these blocks, who have been waiting for this project for many years. A project which, according to Minister for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes, also improved the surrounding area.

“Investments in the housing sector are essential for this important cohort of our population to live in a better environment. The surrounding communities also benefit from these projects, as they experience also an improvement in their quality of life”.

Minister for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes reiterated that these projects clearly show that the government is close to the residents and that their needs are at the heart of the work being carried out.

“The residents of these blocks expressed to me their regret that their homes and the surrounding urban areas had been forgotten by previous administrations. We listened to your needs and today I am pleased to say that we have given a new life to this area. A project that is a testament that our policy is not only focusing on new social housing projects but also existing ones”.

He concluded that this project is part of a series of regeneration projects in housing estates which are being carried out by the Housing Authority together with the Housing Maintenance and Embellishment Co Ltd. The year 2020 will be improving the homes of more than 500 families living in 46 blocks of social housing with an investment of €2.6 million.

Żabbar mayor Jorge Grech praised the work being carried out by the Ministry for Social Accommodation.

“The Żabbar Local Council commends this investment of maintenance and improvement of ten buildings in the Żabbar Housing Estate, which have been left in a state of abandonment for many years. Residents of this area can now enjoy a safer and more attractive environment”.

As a mayor, he expressed satisfaction that the Ministry for Social Accommodation together with the Housing Authority consulted with the Żabbar Local Council before carrying out this project.

“I am pleased that our idea as a council to paint each building in different colours, as requested by the residents, has been welcomed. In this way, the buildings can be easily identified. This investment has certainly been very well received by the residents who have fully cooperated with the contractors during the execution of this project”.

Mr Grech, on behalf of the Żabbar Local Council and Żabbar residents, thanked the Central Government for this investment aimed at further improving the quality of life of Żabbar residents.

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