An eventful month and a bright future for Apex Group as it celebrates 10-year anniversary

Last Updated on Friday, 22 July, 2022 at 9:43 am by Andre Camilleri

Apex Group signs a collective agreement with GWU, celebrates its 10-year anniversary, officially launches new headquarters, and holds an awards ceremony.

For Apex Group, July 2022 has already been a month filled with exciting new ventures, celebrations, and well-deserved recognition. In the same month which marks their 10-year anniversary, three exciting events were held, all showcasing Apex Group’s growth and significance within our local community.

The first event was held on 8 July, where a collective agreement was signed with the GWU and the new headquarters were inaugurated by the Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Land, Silvio Schembri. The following event, on 12 July, commemorated a full 10 years since the official launch of Apex with a red-carpet celebration, whilst on 15 July an awards ceremony was held, acknowledging Apex employees for their hard work and dedication.

Each of these occasions hosted a variety of influential speakers, including founders and directors, Aaron Axiaq and Claire Bellizzi, along with other eminent guests and occasionally, even parliamentary members. All of these speakers gave eloquent speeches which highlighted Apex Group’s influence within our community.

Launched as a “one-stop shop” for professional services, Apex Group now offers a vast range of community services, including healthcare and nursing, childcare, commercial cleaning, and educational programs within Apex Academy. In fact, since opening its doors in 2012, Apex Group has proved itself to be one of the most steadily growing companies in Malta. Expanding from three employees in 2012 to a stunning total of 300 members of staff, Apex continues looking forward with plans of increasing its workforce by 25% in the next year.

“10 years ago, Apex Group was just a dream… today, Apex Group is one of Malta’s foremost service providers,” said Apex Group Chairman and Director of Operations and Business Development, Aaron Axiaq.

Whilst a “go-getter attitude” and a vigilant work-ethic are certainly at the core of Apex Group’s continued success, what sets this company apart is its inclusive ethos and a deep appreciation for its employees. “The Group benefits from having a choice of characteristics and diverse experiences at the heart of its employ” said Claire Bellizzi, “it is only through this that Apex Group has been able to assure a worthy and professional service that is beneficial to the vulnerable, the elderly and the community at large.”

Accordingly, in 2019 Apex had been awarded the Equality Mark by the NCPE, and this year Apex Group has continued to invest in its employees’ well-being by signing a collective agreement with the General Workers Union  (GWU) – for the period of 2022-2025 – which allows care workers engaged with Apex Care to benefit from better working conditions. After opening the event with a press conference, the Minister for the Economy, European Funds and Land, Hon. Silvio Schembri, inaugurated Apex’s brand-new headquarters at Imrieħel GPL Business Centre with the unveiling of a commemorative plaque. This was followed by the official signing of the agreement, which was officially signed by both parties.

This memorable occasion on the 8th of July, was followed by Apex’s 10-year anniversary celebration on the 12th of July, at which their new headquarters were officially launched. Starting with a series of emotional speeches, these were duly followed by an elegant red-carpet event.  In honour of past and future successes, distinguished guests were invited to celebrate this company’s stunning achievements, where delectable refreshments were served and Claudia Faniello, together with her band, entertained the guests with live music.

Yet, this was not the end of Apex Group’s July 2022 events. This company’s two milestones merely preceded an awards ceremony held on 15 July, where 36 nominees and a total of 60 guests were in attendance. In recognition of its staff’s hard work and workplace achievements, a total of 10 awards were granted to some of Apex’s most hardworking employees. In a show of appreciation, speeches and awards were followed by refreshments and entertainment by Victoria Sciberras and her piano accompanist.

Certainly, Apex Group has achieved a lot in the last decade, and this past month has merely served to highlight this incredible company’s many strengths. With an array of past achievements and plans for continued expansion, the future is looking very bright for this local company.

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