Anchovy parts with Fetch It ‘amicably’

(source: Anchovy)

Last Updated on Friday, 5 July, 2019 at 9:56 am by Christian Keszthelyi

The exit of the data-driven creative marketing agency Anchovy from the delivery service Fetch It has been announced by the founding brothers Benji and Zak Borg, according to a press release sent to Business Malta. The brothers say the leave is “amicable” and rather practical as they still have full belief in the venture.

Founded in late 2016 and launched in early 2017, Fetch It was launched aiming to revolutionise the transportation of goods and products in Malta. 

“Our key contributions came purely through a marketing and tech focus, arguably elements which were mostly needed to get the company off the ground. We realised we had less to contribute in terms of the ongoing operational endeavours of the company, which were now naturally the central focus of this business model,” said Zak Borg.  

As Anchovy was going through the arduous process of going public on the Malta Stock Exchange (MSE), the Borg brothers say they felt it was time to part ways with Fetch It. 

“It was not a case of pulling out because we did not believe in the business. We believe in Fetch It wholeheartedly and we still do to this day. We as Anchovy simply felt that we could not continue investing our time in this venture and could no longer contribute as profoundly as we did to the business, given its stage,” added Zak Borg. 

“While it was really sad to part ways with such a great business, it also proved a great learning curve for us, being our first exit so to speak. The emotional connection to something you helped build is incredibly strong, so making this decision was especially tough,” continued Benji Borg.   

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