Application for tourism bungalows on site of explosives factory on Dingli ODZ land withdrawn

Last Updated on Monday, 10 January, 2022 at 12:35 pm by Andre Camilleri

A Planning Application proposing the redevelopment of the Pulvic Explosives Factory in Dingli to tourism bungalows has been withdrawn by the applicant, the Planning authority’s website shows.

The application had proposed the demolition of the existing explosive factory and construction of a tourism development, comprising of 10 separate 1 floor blocks (14 Units) with pool and an ancillary facilities block.  The area forms part of an Area of Ecological Importance, protected by Level 3 Buffer Zone, within a Natura 2000 site, is within a Special Area of Conservation for Coastal Cliffs and within an Area of High Landscape Value.

The application had faced a lot of criticism, including by the Dingli local council, which had unanimously voted to object against the application, arguing that it was in the middle of a Natura 2000 scheduled site and in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of the Maltese Islands.

The application had seen hundreds of objections filed. Among other things, objectors said that this would set a dangerous precedent, opening the gates for sprawling development in ODZ area. “This will also give rise to dangerous precedence for similar fireworks factories.”

The application had been recommended for approval by the case officer.  However, in a Planning Board meeting, the board indicated that it will go against the recommendation by the case officer and vote against the application, thus meaning that a second vote would have needed to be held. The application was withdrawn before this could happen.

Moviment Graffitti said, in a Facebook post, that “after massive pressure from the public and NGOs, the Planning Board had indicated that it would refuse the application. Now the applicant decided to withdraw the application before the final vote was taken.”

“We will remain vigilant and oppose this application if it is resubmitted.”

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