APS Bank staff support families in need

Left to right: Claire Gauci (Executive Assistant to the CEO, APS Bank) David Grillo (Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator, Archbishop’s Seminary), Fr Mark Ellul (Head, Archbishop’s Seminary) and Sinclair Cassar (Valletta Branch Manager, APS Bank)

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 June, 2021 at 11:49 am by Andre Camilleri

APS Bank staff reacted enthusiastically to a call made by the Archbishop’s Seminary in support of needy families who were particularly impacted by the pandemic. An urgent call for assistance was made for toiletries and detergents, to which the staff responded by making charitable contributions of products as well as monetary donations. Over €1,200 were collected which were used to purchase basic hygiene products required by these families.

The initiative was led by Claire Gauci and Sinclair Cassar, who presented the Bank’s contribution on the 1st of June. Mr Grillo, Pastoral Care Co-Ordinator at the Archbishop’s Seminary commented that, “We were left speechless with the large contribution made by the Bank. We extend our gratitude and that of the families who will benefit from these much-needed items to all the staff at APS Bank.”

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