Arkafort launches new cloud platform

Last Updated on Friday, 6 November, 2020 at 9:00 am by Andre Camilleri

The Arkafort Cloud platform combines cutting-edge products with per-second billing to benefit businesses

Earlier this week, the Malta based IT company Arkafort ventured into its first main online event to launch its Arkafort Cloud; a platform aiming to provide businesses with full control over their data as well as flexibility and scalability. With the technology sphere focusing more and more on cloud computing as a way forward in terms of  resource management and sharing, the Arkafort Cloud brings to the table an innovative element to the pool of products available by combining cutting-edge products with per second billing, making it easier – and possible – for businesses to access efficiently and in a straightforward manner. The system is highly secure, load balanced and globally distributed, with servers in Europe, America, and Asia.

This was launched during a webinar organised earlier this week by the company, and in the presence of the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses Hon. Silvio Schembri and the presence of the Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and the Digital Economy Hon. Clayton Bartolo, Arkafort Co-Founders Justin Fenech and Gordon Grech launched the product, followed by a panel discussion about the relevance of cloud platforms for businesses.

Co-Founder Gordon Grech outlined the details of this platform which offers virtual servers that can be provisioned in 17 worldwide locations, including Malta, and scale up or down, on demand and indefinitely. He said that this can be anything from a single gigabyte to terabytes of resources and starting from €5.00/month (€0.00002/second).  He also explained how the system simplifies the complexities of managing business operations by offering an asset management system, Microsoft (Office) 365, backups and cyber-security and an online store. Grech also announced that in the coming weeks, a digital vault and an advanced AI Augmented cloud telephony will be added to the Arkafort Cloud platform, followed by many other products. 

The Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses remarked that through its cloud platform, Arkafort is transitioning to an internet-based company which is a highly commendable stance that seeks to explore practical solutions through technological means. He commended the entrepreneurial mindset and proactive approach, stating that this is what businesses should aspire to whilst highlighting the importance of technology for businesses, adding that this is ultimately how they managed to keep up their operations despite the challenging times. The Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and the Digital Economy remarked that cloud computing forms part of government’s vision for a Digital Malta which will place the technological sectors at the core of the country’s economy. Hon. Bartolo added that this constitutes the base for a strong, resilient economy.

The panel discussion focused on the relevance of cloud computing to businesses. Panel member George Kapaniris who is the director of NSS outlined the possibilities which cloud platforms offer in terms of selling products which specifically cater for the needs of businesses and explained security implications and measures on such platforms. Second panel member Gordon Grech went on to describe the advantages of cloud platforms over traditional servers and shared Arkafort’s plans in relation to the future of Arkafort cloud, particularly its promotion on an international level.

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