Atlas Insurance surprises its employees with delivery of wellness gift box to mark Mental Health Awareness Month

Jackie Attard Montalto (right), Chief HR Officer at Atlas Insurance, making a surprise home delivery of the wellness gift box to motor claims team member Kristine Azzopardi

Last Updated on Friday, 20 November, 2020 at 12:12 pm by Andre Camilleri

As part of the Atlas Insurance Mental Health Awareness Month, during October each staff member received a surprise delivery of a wellness gift box packed with herbal teas, essential oils, dark chocolate and other items aimed at promoting physical and mental wellbeing, with a note explaining their benefits.

During the whole month of October, Atlas promoted the importance of mental wellbeing with its staff as well as clients and the public in general. The firm shared daily tips and information on its social media platforms on how to take better care of ourselves and each other for an improved lifestyle – through the 30-day mental health challenge.

Ariana Abela, who works in property management at Atlas Insurance, and her four-year old son Liam John, enjoying the surprise wellness gift box received at her home. Such a box was delivered to every #TeamAtlas employee

Besides the wellbeing gift box for each member of staff, employees were encouraged to dress down throughout the whole month of October. In addition, informative ICAS videos and a virtual talk by psychologist and executive coach Dr Paul Micallef were organized for the team at Atlas. Dr Micallef discussed ways how one can support a colleague or a loved one who may be going through mental health issues.

ICAS is a global international Employee Assistance Programme that provides unlimited direct access on a 24/7 to psychologists for employees and their families as well as local face to face counselling, legal and financial helplines and support for HR and line managers. Atlas Healthcare has recently introduced ICAS International in Malta.

“We hope to continue building on the valuable ideas and techniques we discovered throughout this month as part of our ongoing commitment to our team, clients, and stakeholders,” said Jackie Attard Montalto, Chief Human Resources Officer at Atlas Insurance.

“It is important to make mental health mainstream, as is physical health. The aim of the awareness raising month was to remove the stigma, considering the high prevalence of mental health issues, generally and currently due to COVID-19, and especially in Malta where we have seen a slightly raised incidence. We aim to consider mental health as we do physical health – and promote the tenet that each individual must be supported to keep themselves well, and if they feel unwell, to get good treatment immediately whilst being supported by the people around them.”

This was the second year running that Atlas raised awareness on the importance of mental health during the month of October.

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