Atlas Insurance to include Covid-19 coverage under the travel policy

Last Updated on Wednesday, 2 June, 2021 at 12:43 pm by Andre Camilleri

Atlas Insurance has added Covid-19 to its travel insurance product offer. This will ensure that travellers insured with Atlas will be covered in relation to certain Covid-19-related difficulties. Such cover is available under the Atlas Travelpak policy at no additional cost to the regular premium, and is intended to provide coverage in circumstances of cancellations and other eventualities due to a number of circumstances resulting from Covid-19.

 “With several countries achieving encouraging results in the fight against Covid-19, it was only normal that people are now starting to consider their travel plans again,” said Matthew von Brockdorff, Managing Director and CEO of Atlas Insurance PCC Limited.

“For this reason, Atlas Insurance has upgraded its Travelpak policy, by offering coverage for travellers who might be faced with COVID-19-related difficulties when abroad. The product will certainly provide the needed peace of mind to our customers, who are eager to travel once again,” he said.

The Atlas Covid-19 cover will allow travellers to claim any cancellation expenses if they contract Covid-19 in the fourteen days before they are due to travel.  Travellers will also be covered if they will be denied boarding because they are told that they are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

The Covid-19 cover will also allow travellers to claim expenses for a missed departure due to an unusually long delay for results to be received, or cancellations due to a close relative, travelling companion or host abroad contracting Covid-19. Travelers are also covered if they are forced to quarantine or hospitalised due to Covid-19 while abroad.

Travellers are encouraged to read the full policy and FAQs to ensure they have chosen the correct cover that caters for their requirements. Terms and conditions apply.

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Atlas Insurance PCC Limited (C5601) is a cell company authorised under the Insurance Business Act 1998 to carry on general insurance business and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority. The non-cellular assets of the company may be used to meet losses incurred by the cell in excess of their assets.

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