Bank of Valletta meets students during Campus Careers Expo

Last Updated on Thursday, 9 March, 2023 at 3:07 pm by Andre Camilleri

Bank of Valletta employees met up with students at the University of Malta during the Careers Expo. It was an intensive three days, with BOV staff talking to students on the lookout for part-time work or looking for their first employer after they finish their studies. The Careers Expo is organised at the heart of the University of Malta. It gives students the opportunity to visit company stands and meet representatives from different sectors, with a view to learning more about the careers being offered in areas they may be interested in.

The BOV HR team was accompanied by colleagues from different Bank functions, including retail, customer experience and investments. Ray Debattista, responsible for the Bank’s People and Culture arm visited the Bank’s stand and engaged with students. “The world of financial services has evolved at neck-breaking speed, particularly over the past few years. We now recruit professionals, like data engineers and UX experts, in areas of expertise that up to a few years ago were unthought of. The Bank also has legal, risk and compliance teams, and we are always on the lookout for aspiring experts.” He went on to explain how the Bank is driven to be the Employer of Choice. “Suffice it to say that last September, the Bank launched its own Voluntary Occupational Scheme, where the Bank is matching every employee’s contribution up to a maximum of EUR2,400 per employee per year. We are now not only designing a robust talent management framework but also enhancing benefits and focusing on employee development and work-life balance”.

Christine Scerri, who leads the Bank’s resourcing team highlighted that the Bank is present in such events to find a match between what it has to offer and what the prospective candidates are seeking and able to deliver. “The Bank looks upon its workforce as its primary asset, the primary contributor towards a high level of customer service. When meeting potential recruits we look for people who are passionate about customer service, have an eye for detail, and fit into our culture. That is why we grab opportunities such as this, where we really get to engage with students and share with them our experiences.”

Students following an MQF Level 6 Degree or higher qualification who are interested in learning more about the part-time opportunities under the Bank’s Graduates’ Programme, or have questions on other career opportunities at Bank of Valletta are invited to contact the Bank’s Resourcing team, by email at  or  respectively.  

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