Bank of Valletta promotes healthy lifestyles and ROTA initiative

Last Updated on Friday, 14 April, 2023 at 12:39 pm by Andre Camilleri

Bank of Valletta has lent its support to ROTA, an NGO that encourages people to use the bicycle as a means of commuting. It proposes solutions for the public to experience the use of the bicycle as a viable means of getting from one place to the other, showing its feasibility, health benefits, and the fun it gives people who ride it. It also acts as a lobby group advocating for people’s rights to travel safely within the space entitled to them.

The Bank’s support enabled ROTA to produce an educational clip showing basic rules and etiquette for motorists encountering cyclists on the road. For instance, drivers should always maintain a minimum of two metres between their vehicle and a bicycle, whilst avoiding tailgating cyclists. There is also a road hierarchy where priority should be given to those with less power and speed. Drivers should therefore give priority to cyclists; in turn, cyclists have a duty to prioritize pedestrians. This goes a long way to promoting safety and harmony on our roads.

Speaking about the initiative, Charles Azzopardi, Head of the Bank’s CSR Unit encouraged members of the public to embrace alternative means of transport that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. “Over recent years, especially since embracing ESG values, the Bank has enhanced its efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle among its people. Bank of Valletta aims at being the Employer of Choice in Malta, focusing on work-life balance, staff well-being, and the natural environment. Supporting this initiative by ROTA goes hand in hand with other initiatives being undertaken across the Bank, including incentives in our latest Collective Agreement that reward employees who do at least 80% of their daily work commutes on foot, by bicycle, public transport, electric vehicles, or carpooling.”

Other initiatives organised by the Bank were a survey among its people to better understand CO2 emissions caused by employee commutes as part of a wider decarbonisation project, as well as a cycling event held by the Bank’s Sports and Social Club which saw several colleagues pedalling through country roads in the south-eastern villages of Malta.

“Although such initiatives are still in their infancy stage, we are committed to continually raising the bar for a healthier and greener lifestyle for both our workforce, our customer, and the general public,” concluded Mr Azzopardi. Anyone wishing to learn more about Rota and their mission may do so by visiting

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