BCRS Malta collects over 204 million beverage containers in debut year

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 November, 2023 at 6:35 pm by Andre Camilleri

BCRS Malta Ltd, the licensed operator of the national Beverage Container Refund Scheme, is marking the culmination of its inaugural year with an extraordinary accomplishment: the collection of over 204 million beverage containers. This significant milestone reflects the company’s unwavering commitment from the onset toward environmental stewardship and responsible recycling practices.

Commenting on the significant results, Mr Pierre Fava, Chairman of BCRS Malta Ltd, expressed his appreciation for the public’s high participation rate in embracing this circular economy initiative.

“The community’s engagement reaffirms the efficacy of adopting a framework promoting shared responsibility, leading to a cleaner Malta and Gozo. The collection of over 204 million beverage containers is a testament to the collective efforts of our team, stakeholders, and the community at large. Together, we’ve taken significant strides towards minimising waste and fostering a culture of recycling,” the Chairman noted.

In its debut year of operation since November 2022, BCRS Malta collected 79% of the single-use beverage containers in circulation. The collected containers have been forwarded to an approved operator for effective recycling, achieving a 72% recycling rate.

The Scheme, fully endorsed by all constituted bodies in Malta, is the result of a collaborative effort between the local private business community, governmental support, and adherence to BCRS Legal Regulations and Provisions approved by the European Commission. Operating on effective Circular Economy Principles, the BCRS managed scheme oversees the collection of single-use beverage containers made of plastic, metal, and glass.

Mr Alan Meilak, CEO at BCRS Malta Ltd, emphasised that “The concept of a circular economy revolves around the perpetual recycling of a fixed quantity of material. To achieve this, our Scheme ensures a separate collection stream that safeguards against contamination, maintaining the collected material in pristine and top quality condition for effective onward full and effective recycling.”

Moreover, BCRS Malta Ltd continues working with the regulator and the relevant authorities to ensure that the applicable regulations are adhered to throughout, with the objective of ensuring a level playing field within the whole local market.

“While these figures reflect a remarkable achievement in our debut year, they also signal that there’s ongoing work and room for improvements. Achieving an even more significant impact will require closer collaboration and enforcement between the government, businesses, and the public. If each stakeholder embraces their role and plays their part, this success can be magnified, propelling us toward a more sustainable and efficient recycling ecosystem. As BCRS Malta, we are committed to further enhancing our efforts and fostering a culture where recycling single-use beverage containers becomes second nature to all,” Mr Meilak concluded.

BCRS Malta Ltd invested over €20 million in the BCRS Clearing Centre in Hal Far, deploying cutting-edge technology including IoT-operated Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), Quantum bulk-feed machines, and training skilled personnel. The scheme operates through an extensive network of RVMs, offering consumers deposit refunds, through vouchers, in exchange for empty single-use beverage containers.

Consumers can then redeem their vouchers in supermarkets, and participating retailers serving as redemption locations.

For more information and updates on BCRS Malta Ltd, visit www.bcrsmalta.mt.

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