Betsson Group names new systems engineer

(source: Unsplash/Marcus Spiske)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 4 June, 2019 at 10:20 am by Christian Keszthelyi

Kyle Zammit was appointed Systems Engineer across the Betsson Group from his previous position of Service Desk Technical Officer with Internal IT, according to a Betsson Group statement.

“As a Service Desk Technical Officer, I was tasked with tending to daily support tickets created by users,” Mr Zammit said. “As a Systems Engineer, I work with maintaining and improving the existing IT-infrastructure and I’m also involved in IT related projects,” he added.

Although Mr Zammit knew that this move would represent a significant challenge, according to the press release, the extra push by his colleagues helped him to grow and adapt to his new position.

Kyle Zammit, Systems Engineer across the Betsson Group.

It was of fundamental importance also the relationship between Mr Zammit and his manager, which made this shift of roles easier and less stressful, he admits. “I have a great relationship with my manager, we give each other feedback on a weekly basis, which helps in improve and learn from previous experiences,” he commented.

Mr Zammit underlined how worth was this change for him and for his career. In addition, he said that Betsson is the perfect place to find room grow and develop, as it happened to him, as the press release says.

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