Bikini manufacturer launches crowdfunding campaign

The Dana Carmont Bikinis Project aims to promote women entrepreneurship

Malta-based entrepreneur Dana Carmont has launched a crowdfunding campaign on local platform Zaar to raise funds for the purchase of new industrial Lycra machines, according to a press release sent to Business Malta. Ms Carmont aims to promote women entrepreneurship through the Dana Carmont Bikinis Project.

The project aims to expand Malta’s fashion industry through the purchase of new industrial machinery that would be the first on the island. The bikini brand was established by Ms Carmont more than 20 years ago and has since attracted consumers in Malta, Australia, Singapore and Bali.  

During this time Ms Carmont has been outsourcing the manufacturing of products overseas, and the purchase of new machinery would open new opportunities for fashion manufacturing in Malta. 

“The crowdfunding campaign aims to raise money for the purchase of several industrial Lycra machines that do not exist in Malta. These machines will build my small business, reduce costs, extend the product range, boost our efficiency, guarantee our quality, and offer local customers an ethical and socially responsible clothing option, all by being able to manufacture any products made from Lycra in Malta, rather than overseas,” explains Ms Carmont. “Manufacturing locally will also open new doors of employment for Maltese designers, pattern makers and machinists, as well as employ, educate and support young designers with hands-on experience in the fashion industry here in Malta,” she adds.

The crowdfunding campaign’s total goal of €7,000 will cover the costs of the machinery and if this goal is achieved, Ms Carmont intends to promote other women entrepreneurs with small businesses in Malta.

“Through crowdfunding on such a popular and reliable local platform like Zaar, I hope to connect the project to the people of Malta and show them that by contributing, they will also be boosting other local female-led businesses, as well as Malta’s fashion industry in general,” Ms Carmont adds. 

The campaign will also include a rewards system, featuring products and services supplied by local women-led businesses, to support these women and help them grow their businesses, as they support Ms Carmont’s.

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