BNI Malta to hold event celebrating women entrepreneurs

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Last Updated on Monday, 1 July, 2019 at 12:54 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

Malta Business Network International (BNI) will hold an event called “Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs” on 11 July 2019 at the Royal Hall of The Palace Hotel in Sliema at 19.30, according to a press release sent to Business Malta.  

The event targets female entrepreneurs and at those who would like to promote their respective established or even startup business through networking. 

BNI says it has supported hundreds of women entrepreneurs to grow their business in the 70+ countries where it is active, whether it is just a startup or an already recognised business. It has given the opportunity to expand and grow businesses in other countries as well through its system of more than 9,500 chapters, as the press release says. 

“This networking event is a great opportunity to pay tribute to all the wonderful women who, with great commitment and facing added challenges, endeavour towards their brand’s success, while contributing to the Maltese economy, not least by offering employment to other women and men. The reality is that some of these businesses cannot afford to advertise — at least, not extensively — so Malta BNI would like to offer them a different visibility opportunity to generate more business for them and to help gain further credibility and growth,” said Malta BNI national director David Bullock.

“The brainchild of our ambassador and public affairs director Carmel Bonello, this event will pay tribute to women entrepreneurs, and in particular to those who have launched their business this century. Through its core values, Malta BNI can offer them recognition, lifelong learning, innovation, mentoring, connections, ability to speak in public, and a positive attitude – all in the spirit of givers’ gain,” added Mr Bullock. “Many are those who speak about women’s empowerment but at BNI we have been actually making this a reality for the last 30 years globally and for the last seven years in Malta. Through this event, Malta BNI is offering them a platform for their creativity, innovation and passion and a level and equal playing field with men,” he said. 

“This follows the highly successful BNI National Networking Day and the BNI Awards Dinner held respectively in January and March this year. BNI now has five chapters in Malta,” said BNI Ambassador and Public Affairs Director Carmel Bonello. “We are encouraging our members to bring visitors to this innovative event to create even more opportunities for increased networking, and the opportunity to pass and receive quality business referrals. If you have not yet experienced BNI for yourself, I personally invite you to attend our event on 11th July, be welcomed, enjoy an excellent buffet dinner including drinks, while doing business networking,” added Mr Bonello. 

Registration for the event is open via Malta BNI Chapters’ social event coordinators or by sending a €35 early bird cheque per person addressed to Malta BNI by 5 July 2019. 

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