Bolt confirms axing ties with Maltese arm, service stays intact

Maltese operations stay intact as Bolt readies setting up local office

(source: Bolt media)

Last Updated on Friday, 26 July, 2019 at 11:36 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

Ride-hailing platform provider Bolt Technology OU has confirmed severing ties with its Maltese arm TaxMal Ltd on the basis of an alleged “breach in contract”, a Bolt spokesperson told Business Malta in a statement. Nevertheless, Bolt promises to keep local operations intact.

“Bolt Technology OU has terminated its contract with TaxMal Ltd due to a breach in contract,” the statement sent to BM says. “Bolt will continue to operate in Malta without any glitches in service availability and we can assure nothing will change for passengers or drivers. Bolt is already setting up its own local office and support team in Malta,” the statement explains.

Bolt says that all drivers in Malta will continue to receive payouts as usual. “It is important to note that Bolt Technology OU has always done payouts to drivers and will continue to do so. TaxMal Ltd was providing local support to drivers and passengers,” a Bolt spokesperson told BM.

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