Bolt launches a category for people with reduced mobility needs

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 April, 2023 at 3:53 pm by Andre Camilleri

The super-app partnered with Gasan Zammit Motors and Ferruggia Fleet to launch this category in Malta.

Bolt, the first European super-app partnered with GasanZammit Motors and Ferruggia Fleet to launch a category for people with reduced mobility needs. This service shall be provided exclusively via LEVC TX, the purposely built fully electric taxicab. 

The assist category is a dedicated category for anyone who needs any assistance. Our partner fleets GasanZammit Motors is a leading automotive importer representing a strong portfolio of world-renowned brands of vehicles, whilst Ferruggia Fleet is an established fleet services provider.

All vehicles in this category are licensed as wheelchair accessible.  Drivers dedicated to this category completed relevant training as well as ad hoc health and safety training provided by the Occupational Health and Safety Authority. 

When requesting a journey, we encourage customers to send their driver an in-app message or give them a call to let them know what kind of assistance is required.

Ryan Mahoney, Bolt Malta Ridehailing Country Manager, said: “With this new category, we aim to make transportation accessible to everyone, regardless of their mobility limitations. We recognize that getting around Malta can be challenging for those who require additional assistance, and we are committed to providing a solution that makes transportation safe, comfortable, and reliable. Drivers have undergone necessary training to ensure that they are equipped with the skills necessary to provide assistance to passengers who need it.”

At Bolt, one of our goals is to make transportation more inclusive and accessible, and we believe that this new category is an important step in that direction, he added.

Carolyn Zammit, Director of Marketing at GasanZammit and Fabrizio Ferruggia, Managing Director at Ferruggia Fleet expressed their keenness and excitement to collaborate with Bolt on launching a category for people with access needs. “We are enthusiastic about transforming the transport sector together. Safety and affordability are at the core of our operations and with this partnership we are taking the well being and protection of our drivers and passengers to a higher level. We are proud to offer fleet vehicles with the latest in safety technology,” they added.

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