Bolt Malta launches electric kick scooter test phase

Bolt says it awaits for authority to regulate the vertical prior to public launch

A Bolt electric scooter in Msida. (source: Business Malta/Christian Keszthelyi)

Last Updated on Monday, 23 September, 2019 at 1:16 pm by Christian Keszthelyi

Bolt Malta has enabled electric kick scooters on its mobile application in the island nation for a limited test with no timeline for a public launch, a Bolt spokesperson told Business Malta. Regulations related to the public use of such scooters are currently under review by the respective authority.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Since this story had been published, Bolt wound up the test phase, eyeing to launch the service as soon as the legal framework allows the public use of electric kick scooters.

“We are closely following the discussion around the electric [kick] scooter regulation in Malta and would consider launching the service once the legal status is clear,” the Bolt spokesperson told BM. “We are happy to work with the regulator in determining guidelines that would make sense for the public,” the Bolt spokesperson added.

The use of electric kick scooters in public spaces is illegal in Malta, therefore riding them using their in-built electric engine is not allowed, at least for the time being, Transport Malta told Business Malta in July. However, the transport authority is currently reviewing the related policies regulating this type of vehicle.

Screenshot of Bolt’s interface showcasing the electric scooters in the test phase. (source: Business Malta/Christian Keszthelyi)

EDITORIAL NOTE: The present story has been updated with a clarification in reference to the word “electric kick scooter”. For further information between electric kick scooters and electric bike scooters please see our Style Guide.

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