BOV financial education seminar for the small investor

Last Updated on Thursday, 7 March, 2024 at 10:33 am by Andre Camilleri

Learn about the Economic Outlook for Malta and its Impact on Bonds and Equities

Bank of Valletta will be hosting a seminar discussing the Economic Outlook for Malta and how this will impact the Local Bond and Equity Market. Hosted at Xara Lodge l/o Rabat on Monday 11 March at 6pm, this seminar is aimed at small investors. BOV speakers will discuss the current investment environment, dispelling myths and showing those present how best to navigate the complexities of the investment world.

Speaking about this seminar, Kenneth B. Micallef, who heads the Bank’s Business Development arm explained, “These sessions are intended to equip those interested with basic financial skills, as well as explain the basics of the world of investments. As a systemically important Bank for Malta, and with a history spanning 50 years, we feel we are responsible for promoting financial literacy initiatives, acting as a catalyst in improving financial knowledge, and helping customers make more informed decisions when managing their finances.”

The seminar will feature three BOV speakers, who are experts in their remit. Malcolm Bray is a renowned economist who spearheads the Bank’s efforts in this area. He is also a visiting senior lecturer at the University of Malta. Clayton Scicluna is a Lead Portfolio Manager at BOV Asset Management after having held various roles relating to investments since 2006. He has experience lecturing at the University of Malta and IFS Malta, amongst others. A Senior Manager within the Bank’s Stockbroking and Capital Advisory arm, David Pace Ross contributes regularly to the Bank’s financial literacy programmes.

Kenneth B Micallef concluded by saying, “The BOV team believes that by investing our time and effort in educating customers, we’ll build stronger working relationships with them.” He explained that BOV employees will be present during the seminar to answer any queries that attendees may have, and provide any assistance or follow-up meetings to tailor services discussed to their individual needs and specific circumstances. Reference was also made to the Bank’s active role in the community, with a robust CSR programme and its commitment to ESG principles. “It is crucial that we invest in the financial literacy of our customers, both personal and non-personal. Such initiatives are a key deliverable for our team, and we look forward to building on this initiative and designing other educational programs for our communities in the near future.”

For more information, customers may contact the Bank’s Business Development Unit on 2275 1122 or ask at one of the Bank’s Branches. Anyone who is interested in attending may register by clicking on this link: Economic Outlook for Malta – How can this impact the Local Bond & Equity Market? (

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