Bruno Barbieri’s ‘4 Hotel’ TV show chooses Malta for the quality that the Maltese hospitality industry offers

Last Updated on Thursday, 15 June, 2023 at 7:32 pm by Andre Camilleri

This Sky television show chose Malta as the first destination to film their episodes away from Italian shores.

The popular TV show Bruno Barbieri’s ‘4 Hotel’ will be streaming their first episode show in Malta on Sky and on NOW on the 15th June.  ‘4 Hotel’, one of Sky’s most successful TV shows, flew host and Chef Bruno Barbieri to the Maltese Islands to shoot an episode on Malta’s quality hospitality.

Two episodes of Sky’s original production, Bruno Barbieri’s, ‘4 Hotel’, by Banijay Italia, have been dedicated to foreign destinations, with Malta being one of them in this ongoing television season. In Malta’s episode, Bruno Barbieri’s ‘4 Hotels’ will select some of the bestboutique hotels: the Iniala Hotel and 66 Saint Paul’s, both situated in Valletta; the Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbor in Senglea and the Xara Palace in Mdina. These hotels will compete against one another on the upcoming episode.

The episode will be about four hotel establishments that will tell the story of how the hotel industry evolved in Malta; and how they are nowadays receiving a wider range of customers and guests, satisfying even the most difficult and refined.

The four competing Maltese hotels will each characteristically offer their hospitality that exceeds the expectations of the typical Italian tourist. In the meantime, they will also be required to maintain their local authenticity due to all four of them being originally built as either splendid noble palaces or ancient buildings; and whilst all of them being completely renovated to exude comfort, and to breathe the glorious history of the Maltese archipelago. In addition, the carefully selected establishments will be hailing from strategic points of the island, from which each guest can easily have a holiday itinerary with the right balance of sea, culture and nature.

VisitMalta welcomed and accommodated this show production to the Maltese islands as soon as the wish to dedicate an episode of the new season to Bruno Barbieri ‘4 Hotel’ in Malta was communicated. The choice of a foreign destination for the show naturally fell on Malta, being a destination loved by Italians, and also because Malta’s hotels meet the entire required standards expected by Bruno Barbieri’s show.

“We were pleased to welcome Chef Barbieri and the Sky TV production to Malta. As the Malta Tourism Authority, we are proud of the service excellence that the Maltese hospitality sector is seeking to deliver to tourists. It is part of our strategy to incentivise this quality level of service by creating more training and education programs according to the requirements of the industry.  Such international television exposure that the MTA invites to our islands, like Bruno Barbieri’s ‘4 Hotel’, give important exposure to Malta and Gozo promoting the VisitMalta brand to audiences interested in overseas travel ”, remarked Chief Executive Officer of the MTA, Carlo Micallef.

The TV host and Chef Barbieri said, “We had wanted to take ‘4 Hotel’ abroad for years. I was sure that we would meet extraordinary people; people capable of creating unprecedented forms of hospitality. This is thanks also to a touch of Italy that is found everywhere in the world, that is considered a plus. This also happened in Malta, where I experienced this event that filled my heart with joy and my eyes with beauty. I had already visited the islands in the past but returning now for our challenges among hoteliers has allowed us to discover, and discover, other hidden sides of this country and wonderful traditions. I can’t wait to be back!”

The anticipated show on the 15 June will reveal whom of these seasoned hoteliers has received the title of ‘Best Hotel in Malta’. Bruno Barbieri ‘4 Hotel’ is aired every Thursday at 9.15pm exclusively on Sky Uno and streamed only on NOW, always available on demand, and visible on Sky Go.

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