BUDGET 2021: Indoor rowing tank, outdoor velodrome part of €11m investment in new sports facilities

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 October, 2020 at 9:10 am by Andre Camilleri

  • Authority on Integrity in Sport Malta to be set up
  • Further protection of national language
  • Restoration at Manoel Theatre

An indoor rowing tank facility and an outdoor velodrome are part of an €11 million which the government is investing in sports facilities across the island. The investment is part of the preparations for the Small Countries Games, which Malta will be hosting in 2023.

The government will continue not only to modernise sports facilities but also add a number of facilities to address the need of different sport disciplines. Over the period of three years, the government will push forward an investment of €11 million in a number of projects.

The new facilities include the construction of an indoor rowing tank, which attempts to mimic the conditions rowers face in open water. The facility will be located in the Cottonera area, and these training facilities will eventually be available to all sports organisations that practice this sport. The investment also includes the construction of an outdoor velodrome; an arena for bicycle racing which will be located in Pembroke. The facility, a first of its kind on the island, will attract international competitions to Malta. 

The budget will also include the construction of a Rugby Complex at Kordin, the plans of which had been approved by the Planning Authority in July of this year.

EquestriMalta to replace Malta Racing Club

When it comes to competitive sports, the government is working to ensure fair play in every sport and to reduce corruption. With this in mind, the government will set up the Authority on Integrity in Sport Malta to ensure there is one organisation which is monitoring the situation comprehensively.

When it comes to horse racing, a new authority, EquestriMalta, will be regulating and organising horse racing. The new authority will be replacing the Malta Racing Club.

National Symposium on Culture and Creativity planned for 2021

When it comes to culture, there is already a Symposium on Culture and Creativity, planned for next year’s calendar, which will focus on the creative arts. Budget 2021 will see the government continuing to invest in culture and local historical heritage.

The government will continue to invest in the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage when it comes to further excavation of archaeological sites.

Regarding those in the cultural and creative fields, the government will breathe new life into those individual artists, cultural operators and service providers, who provide ancillary service in this sector. These individuals have suffered greatly over the year due to the coronavirus pandemic as working on productions, shows, concerts and similar initiatives of high quality has proved to be difficult.

The application of digital technology will become an integral part of artistic and cultural production, and the government is reflecting on the best ways to encourage the interdisciplinary aspect between technology, research and the arts.

The government will continue investing in Malta’s Centre for Creativity, Spazzju Kreattiv.

Next year the government will work to further protect the national language through an investment in a digital Maltese language spell checker.

The government will also continue investing in the restoration of the Manoel Theatre and looking into carrying out the Carnival Experience project. The government will also continue exploring and opening more underwater sites, which will attract more tourists and professional divers to Malta.

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