Chamber discusses Opposition’s vision for Energy

Last Updated on Wednesday, 3 March, 2021 at 11:24 am by Andre Camilleri

The Malta Chamber President Perit David Xuereb welcomed the Leader of the Opposition the Hon Dr Bernard Grech, today for a meeting to discuss the Nationalist Party’s long-term strategy for energy.

Welcoming Dr Grech, the President spoke about the importance of a long term policy vision, especially in the area of energy.

“The Chamber’s vision for the energy sector, is for an economy that does not only balance sustainability with economic drivers, but which seeks for them to be complementary in the vision for a smart, sustainable island” Perit Xuereb said.

The Leader of the Opposition the Hon. Dr Bernard Grech thanked the Chamber for its warm welcome, as he underlined the importance of a broad discussion on which to base the country’s long-term vision for Energy.

Ing Patrick Spiteri Staines, Chairman of The Energy Efficiency & Conservation Committee highlighted the importance of addressing excessive bureaucracy of energy schemes. He also noted the difficulty for businesses of finding a single point of contact to address energy concerns, which are usually fragmented across different portfolios and parts of Government. He also noted the pressing need for energy infrastructure to be addressed, through a modern distribution network.

Mr Joe Pace, Chairman of the Manufacturing and Other Industries Economic Group stated that manufacturers in Malta face a situation unique in Europe, where industry rates for utility bills are higher than commercial rates.  ‘Rectifying this situation is important to maintain competitiveness for the sector’ Mr Pace said.

Mr Konrad Pule, Chairman of the Sustainable Mobility Committee spoke about the need to encourage a culture change to experience a modal shift in transport. He suggested flipping the polluter pays principle upside down to reward sustainable behaviour in the economy. He also warned that while electrification of the vehicle fleet is the way forward, this does not resolve problems with congestion, so there must be broader transport solutions.

The Leader of the Opposition was accompanied by the Hon Ing. Ryan Callus and the Hon Ms Kristy Debono.

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