Collective agreement signed between MCAST and UHM for administrative grades

Last Updated on Sunday, 8 October, 2023 at 9:33 am by Andre Camilleri

Around 175 employees will benefit from a new collective agreement with improved working conditions that was signed between the Maltese College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) and the UHM – Voice of the Workers on Tuesday.

The collective agreement improves the working conditions of the employees in the administrative ranks that fall under the UHM agreement.

The new agreement includes an improved financial package and better progression opportunities and also provides for improved flexitime to accommodate the needs of workers. It also includes five additional days for paid study leave, so that now employees are eligible for ten days of study leave.

Minister for Education Clifton Grima, who presided over the signing of the agreement, said, “We are continuing to invest in the best resource that our country has – the human resource and that is why we are continuing to invest in the workers of the education sector directly.”

He continued that the continuous investment in this sector is not only improving workers conditions, but also better opportunities as well as an excellent educational environment.

 In general, MCAST will continue to work to ensure a positive work environment that encourages employees to grow, while prioritising not only their career progression but also their health and well-being. As an educational institution, the growth of its employees such as lifelong learning is also a priority.

Professor Joachim James Calleja, Principal and Chief Executive of MCAST, said, “As a college, investing in workers is a priority, from which everyone can enjoy a positive work environment where each individual can grow and advance in their career. The collaboration with the social partners is crucial both for the welfare of the workers and students so that they always have the help and support they need”.

 UHM CEO Josef Vella said that, “It is a pleasure for us (the UHM) to be able to improve the conditions and the financial package of the workers, and we are also taking this in the context that this is a large institution in our country that is preparing young people, young people who are the only resource this country has to continue building our economic vision. The vision and function of MCAST gives us courage as a union and social partner because in the end we want to see all this in a national context”.

 The agreement was signed by Mario Sacco and Isabelle Farrugia, Director and Assistant Director, representing the UHM, whilst Professor Joachim James Calleja and Philip Vella, Principal and Chief Executive, and Deputy Principal represented MCAST.

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