Creditinfo awarded license as Malta’s first Credit Bureau

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 January, 2022 at 12:11 pm by Andre Camilleri

Creditinfo Malta will help local credit providers take a more intelligent approach to risk and boost financial inclusion

Creditinfo Malta announces that it has been granted the license to act as a Credit Reference Agency by The Central Bank of Malta in accordance with Trade Licensing Act (Cap 441) – Trade Licences Regulation, 2018 (S.L. 441.07) and Directive No. 15, entitled ‘Supervision of Credit Reference Agencies’ (Chapter 204 of the Laws of Malta), which officially  recognizes Creditinfo Malta as the first and only licensed credit bureau in Malta.

This license will enable the company to launch the very first  Credit Bureau Scoring Model in Malta and to collaborate with local banks and other lenders to create dedicated scoring products and strategies, tailored to their needs and risk appetite of each individual lender.

Due to lack of information about their credit history, consumers and SMEs alike in smaller markets like Malta are less likely to obtain financing than those in larger markets with a more established financial infrastructure. A full credit reporting platform, like the one Creditinfo Malta has in place, is now poised to offer the wider marketplace as an officially licenses credit bureau. This helps to provide a holistic, market-wide view on borrowers and their financial situation, thereby enabling lenders to make more informed credit decisions whilst also helping to de-risk the entire credit space.

Having now been formally granted the credit bureau license, Creditinfo Malta intends to leverage this as it continues to scale its credit risk management solutions to the Maltese market.

“A formalized credit reporting system in Malta should help open doors for small and medium-sized enterprises that have long been closed, by increasing access to credit. That will in turn enable them to grow, create jobs and benefit the overall economy. We see huge untapped potential in Malta, and we’re excited to establish the country’s first ever credit bureau, which will be a key driver of digitalization in Maltese financial services, ultimately boosting access to finance for individuals and small businesses,” commented Clifford Debono, Country Manager of Creditinfo Malta 

“Creditinfo has been effective in strengthening the financial infrastructure in numerous countries across the world. We’re looking forward to seeing how the local lending landscape develops as we continue to roll out and expand our market leading credit risk value added solutions, and in doing so playing a significant role in helping to de-risk the financial system as a whole and to widen access to financing that will be key to future business and economic growth in the country,” added Paul Randall, CEO of Creditinfo Group 

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