DAB+ radio confirmed as standard in new cars in Malta

Last Updated on Monday, 21 February, 2022 at 2:45 pm by Andre Camilleri

DAB+ radio now comes as standard in 95% of new cars in Malta, according to figures released today.

The dramatic increase reflects the impact of EU rules which require all new car radios in Europe to be able to receive digital radio.

The figures were revealed in the latest market report from WorldDAB, the global industry association responsible for promoting DAB+ digital radio.

The numbers reinforce the findings of the recent Car Buyers Survey by Edison Research which found that 90% of survey respondents say a DAB+ radio tuner should be standard equipment in every car.

Sergio D’Amico, managing director of Maltese DAB+ operator Digi B Networks, said: ‘Across Malta, tens of thousands of new cars are now coming with DAB+ fitted as standard, which is real progress. 

‘For Maltese advertisers and listeners, there is a rapidly growing base of cars with DAB+, offering brilliant new stations such Malta’s Smooth Radio, playing relaxing songs, The Breeze showcasing feel good hits, and All Rock playing the big classics. 

‘It is clear that DAB+ is the future of broadcast radio in Malta.’

Simon Lumsden, managing editor of Malta’s flagship DAB+ station, Smooth Radio, added: ‘We’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of listeners tuning in from their cars. 

‘They all say the same, that the music on Smooth helps them relax whilst they drive, and they love the superior sound quality that digital radio offers in the car, compared to hissy FM.’

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