Minister Miriam Dalli announces Wage Supplement extension as local company confirms multimillion investment

Last Updated on Friday, 18 February, 2022 at 4:30 pm by Andre Camilleri

Wage Supplement to be extended during March, Minister Miriam Dalli announces

Federated Mills to invest €14.4 million

The Wage Supplement will be extended in its current format during March, Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli announced while addressing a press conference of a €14.4 million investment by Federated Mills.

“Today’s investment is a reflection of the resilience shown by Maltese businesses during the pandemic. Thanks to the support of the Maltese Government through various schemes and incentives, local businesses were able to continue operating. With such initiatives, businesses were able to invest in their future,” explained Minister Miriam Dalli.

“We are extending the Wage Supplement for the month of March, in its current format for all those who are receiving it.”

The total assistance received by businesses through the Wage Supplement reaches €700 million.

Local investment of €14.4 million

Federated Mills plc is investing €14.4 million in a new plant in Kordin, to increase its manufacturing capacity and storage space. By installing modern and efficient machinery, it will move towards more sustainable operations. Federated Mill plc plays a significant role in the local food market, as it is responsible for 70% of the local flour production needed in traditional food such as Maltese bread.

“We are confident that this investment, together with the skills of our workers Federated Mills will continue to serve the demands of the local market products of higher quality for our clients in the food industry”, explained Chairperson Rachel Stilon.

Through Malta Enterprise’s assistance, the investment shall be carried out over two years, allowing Federated Mills to move its current operations to the Industrial Estate in Kordin.

The investment consists of the construction of the plant and a new production system designed according to the needs of flour milling. Federated Mills will continue to develop and produce high-quality products and participate in new markets. Investing in modern machinery will enhance production and efficiency and ensure sustainability.

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