Debono Group companies awarded Equality Mark Certification for efforts to ensure gender equality

Last Updated on Saturday, 7 August, 2021 at 12:23 pm by Andre Camilleri

The National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) has certified a number of companies within the Debono Group family with the prestigious Equality Mark Certification, in demonstration of the company’s efforts to truly instil gender equality at the workplace.

The certification was awarded to Debono Group Holdings Company Limited, Michael Debono Limited, Storage Systems Limited, Parts Supply Limited and New Mobility Limited, operators of loved brand names such as Toyota, Lexus, WotoMoto, Michael Debono, Storage Systems, Cool Ride-Pooling and more.

This award confirms the company’s efforts at implementing practices and policies that support true equality within the workplace, where rights, responsibilities and opportunities offered to men and women are not determined by gender. This includes the provision of equal access to all opportunities by focusing on individual’s capabilities.

Testament to this belief, the Debono Group has the same number of women and men – five – in top management, a rare feat in business. Women are also increasingly securing jobs in the technical fields, which were traditionally associated with men, a proof that with the right attitude, qualifications and experience, no role was off limit for any gender.

Aware that an essential element of securing equality is supporting employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance, the company has taken a leading role in providing sensible working practices, including remote working, for its staff.

Company CEO Geoffrey Debono welcomed this announcement: “We are very proud of achieving this award which is a just recognition of a principle which is at the heart of our operations. Gender equality is not just the right thing, it is also smart. Equality, diversity and inclusion are key to our company’s growth and success. We value the contribution of every member of our team, and with the right credentials, everyone can be a part of this success”.

Rachel Tabone Hall, Chief People Officer added that “Debono Group has been at the forefront in ensuring gender equality, this has been demonstrated through the commitment reflected by the right working environment which has enabled this to happen. This includes the provision of work-life balance initiatives which helped to foster a culture of trust and mutual respect across all levels of management within the Group.”

Current job openings with the Debono Group of Companies are available here.

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