€311,017 raised during Hospice Malta telethon Bl-Imħabba Naslu

Last Updated on Monday, 15 February, 2021 at 9:08 am by Andre Camilleri

The Hospice Malta fundraising telethon, Bl-Imħabba Naslu, came to a close at midnight on 14th February in which €311,017 were raised.

The funds will help Hospice to continue to provide its services free of charge to thousands of patients and families each year, as well as aid to complete the St Michael Hospice project which will become Malta’s first palliative care complex.

Hospice Malta is an NGO whose primary role is to provide free palliative care services to patients suffering from cancer, motor-neuron disease, end-of-life, cardiac, renal and liver diseases, amongst others. Services are currently being provided to more than 1,300 families, with numbers increasing each year.

Notwithstanding the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hospice found support from a number of prominent figures and organisations locally who supported the NGO in preparation and on the day.

Hospice Chairperson Ms. Bernadette Bonnici Kind expressed her gratitude for the public’s generosity. “I thank everyone, all those involved on the day, and all those who supported us through their donations and pledges. We look forward to completing the St Michael Hospice project and to continue to expand our services to all those who need them.”

Hospice Malta has had to endure an epecially challenging year, with the COVID-19 crisis forcing it to cancel its major fundraising activities. As an NGO, Hospice Malta primarily relies on public support and donations to sustain its services, and the public can continue to donate via the Hospice website: https://hospicemalta.org/supporting-hospice/donations/

For more information please visit www.hospicemalta.org

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