Embellishment works on Manoel Island’s foreshore

Last Updated on Friday, 25 June, 2021 at 12:19 pm by Andre Camilleri

Access to the foreshore area of Manoel Island is being embellished for the benefit of the increased number of bathers.

The works, which are being conducted by MIDI were identified by the Manoel Island Foundation as an initiative in order to improve access to the foreshore for bathers.

The work, include the installation of railings along the pathways leading down to the foreshore and site clearing works in various areas of the coastline. During these works a winding staircase leading down to the beach under the Couvre Porte was exposed following extensive clearance works. The works started in mid-May and are expected to be completed towards mid-July.

In an effort to keep Manoel Island clean and safe, MIDI has also embarked on a clean-up initiative where a number of bins have been placed in the areas which are mostly frequented by the public. These bins are cleaned, and the litter is sorted by MIDI on a regular basis.  

During a site visit to Manoel Island, Gzira Local Council Mayor, Conrad Borg Manche thanked MIDI for taking the initiative and completing the works in time for the summer season. He said that, as the number of visitors to Manoel Island have increased, these works will help to make the foreshore safer and more accessible for Gzira residents and all visitors.

MIDI CEO, Mark Portelli said that MIDI is committed to provide a safe and clean environment for visitors to Manoel Island. Mr Portelli added that, as part of our commitment to make Manoel Island more accessible, as from Saturday 26th June, MIDI will be providing a minibus shuttle service on weekends and public holidays from the Manoel Island bridge to the bathing areas on north and east shores.

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