‘Events & Community Impact’, to be discussed at the next APS talk

Last Updated on Tuesday, 1 March, 2022 at 11:27 am by Andre Camilleri

The next APS talk is going to look into how to create meaningful and sustainable events, which have a positive impact on the community. The talk will be delivered by Annalisa Schembri, a freelance professional in the creative, entertainment and education industry. Annalisa has been creating, producing and managing events for the last 15 years, working in Malta and across Europe on high profile conferences, festivals, musicals and concerts. She has also served in several NGOs, including JCI.

Events are a big part of our lives, and the recent pandemic has put events into perspective: both the impact they have on our social lives and the impact they have on the community hosting them. During this APS talk, Annalisa will discuss how events shape and break communities and look at the impact that individuals, who interact and engage with events, leave behind.

To learn more about this APS talk and register please visit apsbank.com.mt/apstalks-24

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