Express Trailers improves operations with newly set up Order Department

Last Updated on Thursday, 4 August, 2022 at 11:08 am by Andre Camilleri

The level of efficiency in handling clients’ requests and orders was already high at Express Trailers. Nonetheless given the company’s constant efforts to improve its operational efficiency, it has now set up a new Orders Department which brings together all the work previously carried out by three separate departments

“The implementation of our new ERP meant that we had to adapt to a new IT set up and this required us to revisit our internal structures if we were to increase the efficiency and the level of service to our external customers and within our internal departments,” explains Franco Azzopardi, CEO of Express Trailers.

“This is why we set up our new Order Department which now brings together the tasks traditionally carried out by what were formally our new bookings department, our invoicing department, and the management of all the company’s contracts with its clients,” he added.

The creation of Express Trailers’ new Order Department was entrusted to Matthew Vella who is also responsible for the management of the company’s freight-forwarding team.

The new team staffing this department consists of seven highly experienced employees in the fields of international operations, finance and freight forwarding.

Albeit already very fluent in the company’s processes, they still underwent a rigorous training process to become experts in the processes of this new department. Today, thanks to their knowledge, they enjoy full flexibility to do each other’s jobs and can continue to contribute their experience for better efficiency.

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