Fundación MAPFRE supports Equal Partners Foundation (EPF)

Last Updated on Friday, 14 May, 2021 at 11:53 am by Andre Camilleri

Fundación MAPFRE is once again supporting Equal Partners Foundation so that the NGO may continue to provide its services to all of its members.   

Equal Partners Foundation is a parent run, non-profit foundation that supports both children and adults with disabilities and learning difficulties, helping them towards leading more autonomous and meaningful lives within an inclusive society. The NGO’s objective is to provide individualized support programmes and build communities that celebrate diversities in a number of different environments, including homes, schools, places of work and recreational areas, whilst advocating for equal opportunities and rights.

“We have been very busy with organizing activities that will keep our members engaged with their programmes during these difficult times”, remarked Professor Elena Tanti Burlo’, Vice President at Equal Partners Foundation. Furthermore, Equal Partners Foundation recently organised a very successful cooking course facilitated by a professional chef, forming part of a project also sponsored by Fundación MAPFRE. This event would not have been possible without the work and dedication demonstrated by the both members’ parents as well as team EPF (partner service providers).

Their  last activity, sponsored by Fundación MAPFRE, iscalled ConnectAbilities,  during which a number of members and staff, together with their families and friends shared whatever gives them joy.  Some shared their paintings, others played an instrument, or sang a song, or exhibited photos they regularly take, or even read a book they wrote or shared research they conducted. The joy the activity managed to transmit was witnessed by MAPFRE Middlesea’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Javier Moreno Gonzales. Mr Aaron Fenech, who presented the evening, set the joyful mood for all participants to follow, while Mr Peter Paul Galea, from the renowned group Tribali, was the special guest with his mystical hand drum. This activity took place via Zoom and may still be seen on Facebook:

EPF goes to great lengths to create inclusive activities and support making sure that all children attend school with their neurotypical peers which is their fundamental human right. The families are now also receiving the support of an experienced Social Worker (sponsored also by  Fundación MAPFRE) who has already left an invaluable mark on the families EPF supports and enriched Team EPF.

Equal Partners Foundation has received continuous financial support from Fundación MAPFRE over the past 7 years so that the NGO may carry on with providing its services to all of its members.

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