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GO goes down in the history of Maltese television as the first provider to introduce a fully flexible TV service. This means that customers get to enjoy TV content that does not require any form of installation by GO, no set top box and no wires in the home. Instead, customers just purchase a subscription, with full flexibility on the type of the content they want to access, download an APP and enjoy their favourite content, from any device, whether TV, tablet or mobile, from any location, in, or out of home.

“Today we are revolutionising the way people in Malta get to enjoy their favourite television content, whether local content or foreign. This is the outcome of a huge investment in our customer experience and a great leap forward in our TV journey. With this came a significant investment of €4 million in our new TV headend and over €2 million in Internet related enhancements to ensure that we can deliver this new TV service to the highest standards,” said GO CEO Nikhil Patil.

“The timing of this milestone for GO is also very meaningful. It comes at a time of great disruption brought by a global pandemic. But despite all this, we kept investing to enhance the services for our customers and for the community at large. More importantly, we kept working hard to ensure that no one is left behind’, added Nikhil Patil.

‘A number of cross-functional teams have worked tirelessly over the past months to deliver a simplified product for our customers, but one which was intensely complex to implement on the back end as it is configured to work with different technologies, whether wired, via WiFi or mobile data. But the beauty lies in the fact that this complexity allows the customers absolute freedom in how they consume their favourite content,’ said Kelvin Camenzuli, Chief Digital Officer.

“We have implemented a solution that the most enhanced, technologically advanced with regard to TV transmissions andone that is well set to  carry us forward in our TV journey in the months ahead,” added Kelvin Camenzuli.

Besides the practical aspect of having clutter or wire connections, this new television service can be installed on any number of devices.

This also means that customers can take their television service anywhere they want with them, without the need to rewire or endure unnecessary stress or incovenience.  

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