Government is committed to promoting consultation with employers’ and employees’ representatives

Last Updated on Thursday, 6 August, 2020 at 10:37 am by Andre Camilleri

The Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Carmelo Abela, who is responsible for social dialogue amongst other areas, said that government aims at promoting consultation with employers’ and employees’ representatives. This during a Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) meeting which happened earlier today. Abela said that this should be done in a more tangible, open and efficient manner, so that the Council may be more effective in terms of its role as a consultative body, as established by law, and to provide solutions for economic and social challenges which the country would be facing. 

He said that government is reinforcing MCESD’s operations, both in terms of its administration and human resources. He added that he is willing to open a discussion with social partners about the law regulating the Council so that the latter may become more effective.

Carmelo Abela said that government aims at strengthening social dialogue in our country which in turn leads to a higher and better level of democracy. He added that government, employers and employees all share the same ultimate aim, that of working together and obtaining results which impact people directly. He expressed his appreciation in relation to the fact that various themes were discussed, including work carried out by government, with a particular focus on the work carried out during these past months under Prime Minister’s Robert Abela leadership. This includes the work related to the Moneyval report and the Venice Commission recommendations which lead to a number of changes in various laws, in agreement with both government and the opposition.

Abela said that we should all pull our own weight to achieve good governance. This on a case by case basis and according to the responsibilities which each institution and organisation has.

During the meeting earlier today, Minister Abela and the social partners thanked Mr John Bencini for his contribution as the MCESD Chairperson during these past years. During his last intervention in this Council, Mr Bencini said that social dialogue in Malta is still highly considered, and it should remain so. A country which does not promote social dialogue, is missing out. He expressed his gratitude for the cooperation which he experienced during these years where he was Chairperson of the Council.

Mr James Pearsall today led his first meeting as the new MCESD Chairperson.

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